Over the past 30 years, National Timber has harvested several sections of timber on our NE Bartow County property. The terrain is part mountain with steep slopes, a large creek with bottom land and rolling hills. We have done both select cut and clean cut harvesting. Each time, we know we can depend on National Timber management and crew to provide fair and professional service throughout the process.

We are especially pleased with the environmental sensitivity that National Timber brings to the harvest. Creek crossings, road management, dust management, managing rain water run-off, selection of loading areas, and final clean-up are important. We have never had a problem with any of these.

National Timber has also harvested trees in our cattle pasture. There was never an issue with cattle (or calves) being impacted from the harvesting, processing or hauling. We worked with the timber crew to develop a process that worked for them, us and the animals which had minimal impact to all. Thank you!

I would highly recommend National Timber for any forestry needs that you may have.

Thank you National Timber for a great job!

Robbie and Connie Roberts

I am very pleased with the job done by National Timber, Inc. on a 130 acre mountainous tract to expand our grazing operations. My request that "no twig be left standing" was surprisingly the result except for those trees remaining in the deep ravines necessary to prevent erosion. With work done daily, except for Sundays, and even on rainy days, was another pleasant surprise that ultimately helped to curtail complaints from neighbors about the noise typical of timber harvesting. Furthermore, throughout the entire job, Charlie Pettit would routinely say "We just want to make you happy" to assure me of his number one objective of customer satisfaction. But most importantly, the revenue Charlie Pettit estimated was the amount I actually received. Only an experienced and professional business can deliver of these kind of promises. Thank You.

Marion Benson Lazy B Ranch

They listen, they offer suggestions, you agree on a plan and then they execute! It works that well! The Pettit's and their timber company are that solid.
The plan was to selectively clear our 47 acres of all the pines to create open spaces while leaving all the pockets of hardwoods. In the wrong hands this can be a recipe for disaster. Thankfully The Pettit Crew knew exactly what they were doing.
Now we have a great piece of property to enjoy and continue to improve.
Thanks guys! Great job!

Reuben and Laurie, Bartow County Land Owners

We can truly say that our experience with National Timber has been a very positive one. In all your operation, you and your crew have show great care and consideration of our concerns and feelings.

Thank you for the wonderful work and extra care that you took to complete the cutting of our timber.

Thank you also for the considerate drivers who went slowly on the road so there would be no dust! that meant a great deal to us.

Special thanks to Larry who put us right at ease about trying to save our 'special' trees and some that I didn't expect could be saved, but he saved them!!

We know that we are going to be so pleased about having all this daylight and space. I expect that I will have it all planted up in one year!! NO pines though!!!.

Again, thank all of you for all your hard work.

Bill and Glenda Green

In October of 2003, the Cartersville Parks and Recreation Department contracted the services of National Timber, Inc. Our contract was for National Timber to select cut marked pine trees inside Dellinger Park. The area to be select cut consisted approximate 50 acres of undeveloped land. As this land is never to be developed but to remain in its nature state, it does have trails traversing through the area and many, many park patrons’ use these trails daily.

National Timber worked extremely well with our department to insure that the healthy trees remaining were not damaged during cutting project. National Timber and their employees also took extreme care in marking off their staging area and closing sections of the trail to keep our patrons safe during the cutting process. Today we now have a healthy forest and very attract park in large part to the extreme care that National Timber took during the project.

I would highly recommend National Timber, Inc. to anyone that needs special attention in cutting trees from their property.

Greg Anderson, Director of Parks & Recreation, City of Cartersville

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