Biomass Harvesting

To best utilize all of the resources from your land, National Timber has added a Biomass Chipper to our lineup of harvesting equipment. Because the Biomass Chipper processes all limbs, understory “non-merchantable” woody material (such as small-diameter trees and stems), snags, coarse woody debris and brush, we are able to utilize all of the wood fiber resources to increase revenue for the land owner, provide benefits for the soil, promote post-aesthetic appeal, and enhance the value of your property.

By eliminating the by-products of timber harvesting, Biomass Harvesting improves site value and eliminates costs incurred through conventional disposal methods, such as burning and hauling. Biomass Harvesting can instead create pasture land, improve waterfront or mountain views, and remove understory and brush to add aesthetic value to previously forested property.

Biomass Harvesting is one way to improve efficiency while meeting the crucial demands of an ever-changing market. The process also adheres to our commitment to environmental and social responsibility, and to sustainable forest practices.